Some similar and confusing Spanish words

While trying to learn Spanish, I find a few Spanish words are similar to other words and keep confusing me. This article summarizes them, mostly for my on benefit in learning to distinguish them, but maybe you'll find it useful too. (Yes, this is a big tangent from my usual blog topics.)
  • llegar - to arrive.
  • llenar - to fill. (My secret to remembering this is that llenar is the root in chile relleno, a stuffed chile.)
  • llevar - to carry.
There are some verb conjugations that are the same or confusingly similar to other words:
  • fuera - outside.
  • fuera - imperfect subjunctive of ser or ir.
  • siento - I sit (from sentar).
  • siento - I feel (from sentir). A bunch of other conjugations are confusing because the present for one is the subjunctive for the other: sientas/sientes, sienta/siente, sienten/sientan, sentamos/sentimos.
  • ira - anger.
  • irá - future of ir.


Gétur said...

cuarto - fourth
cuarto - 1/4
cuarto - bedroom [1], [2], [4]

Anna Schafer said...

You can practice listening in Spanish and reading in English this Wikibook. Its one of the variations of the Listening-Reading Method.Joe Mitchell

Diane Elrod said...

This is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for! Thanks.

Don’t forget

Sacar - to take out
Secar - to dry