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I'm interested in computer history and reverse engineering old chips.

Some of my projects:
Restored a Xerox Alto.
Wrote the Arduino IRremote library for infrared remotes.
Attempted Bitcoin mining on a 55 year old IBM 1401 punch card mainframe.
Got six symbols added to Unicode including the Bitcoin symbol (₿).
Wrote an article on the first microprocessors for IEEE Spectrum.
Gave a talk on reverse-engineering old integrated circuits at the Hackaday Superconference (YouTube).


Email me at [email protected]. You can follow me on Twitter at kenshirriff to get blog updates. The RSS feed is here.

Site Index

The index below categorizes my pages by topic. Pages are listed oldest-first in each topic.

Intel 8086 processor

Intel 8087 floating point unit

Zilog Z80 processor

Intel 8085 processor

MOS 6502 processor

Intel 8008 processor

The ARM processor

Yamaha DX7 synthesizer

Restoring a Xerox Alto

Apollo and other space hardware

A look at various chips

Chargers and power supplies

The vintage IBM 1401 computer

IBM System/360


Miscellaneous teardowns and reverse engineering

Miscellaneous electronics


The Arc language

Other random stuff

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reccism told me about you, airgapped ethernet, could LANCE type chips be programed to transmit over unused cables, made into transmitter antenna?