The foundation of Arc: Documentation

The Arc language is implemented by a "foundation" of functionality implemented in Scheme. I have created detailed documentation of the foundation functionality.


Rob Hunter said...

Minor typo:

"The backquote ` is shorthand for quasiquote, e.g. `(+ 1 2) is the same as (quasiquote (1 2))."

I belive it is the same as (quasiquote (+ 1 2)).

Ken Shirriff said...

Thanks, vegashacker. I've fixed that.

Naitik Shah said...

this example from procedures:
>(def foo (x) (+ x 1))
#<procedure: foo>

seems to be affecting this example for bound:
>(bound 'foo)

Maybe run each example in a sand-boxed environment - and write a post about how you implemented it? ;)

Excellent guide. Thanks for all the hard work!