What's new in arc2

I took a look at the new version of arc that has been released. The following are my unofficial notes on the differences between arc1 and arc2.

News.YC release

The key difference is the release of the News.YC source in news.arc. This 1769-line file apparently provides the full implementation of news.ycombinator.com. One interesting thing is that stories are ranked according to (score-1) / (age-in-hours ^ gravity), where gravity is 1.4 by default.

There are also some gifs to support the site. The following is a list of the new files in arc2:

  • news.arc: the source for news.ycombinator.com.
  • grayarrow.gif: gray uparrow
  • graydown.gif: gray downarrow
  • s.gif: 1x1 transparent spacer
  • y18.gif: 1x1 spacer (same as s.gif)
Other files have minor changes:


  • arc-list? fix for '()
  • write, disp cleanup


  • Renamed when-usermatch to when-umatch, when-usermatchr to when-umatch/r, matchform to uform.
  • Removed pw from good-login record.


  • (firstn nil xs) now returns xs
  • (nthcdr nil xs) now returns xs
  • trav renamed to treewise
  • New function union on sequences.
  • New function addtem to create a template.
  • New functions hours-since and days-since.
  • ensure-dir fix.
  • Function only is now entirely different. Wraps a function to only call it if given args.
  • Function plural moved to strings.arc. Now if w/bars were moved too...
  • New function trav: takes an object and functions. Applies the functions to the object.
  • New function defhook and hook to register and execute functions?


  • Added orange as a color.
  • para now takes arguments.
  • Removed image-url and local-images*
  • spacetable renamed to sptab.
  • Added single-input and cdata.


  • Added news.arc.


  • Remove "frug" default account.
  • Excludes .arc as a static filetype, to hide source.


  • plural function moved here from arc.arc.

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